Scout's FAQ

Who can sign off on scouting requirements?
For Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Rank Requirements, the
Scoutmaster, Assistant Scout Masters (ASMs), and Patrol Leader (if Star rank) can
sign off requirements.
For Star, only the Scoutmaster and ASMs can sign off.
For Life and Eagle Rank Requirements, only the Scoutmaster can sign off.
When can I have scouting requirements signed off?
The best time to have a requirement signed off is just after you have completed it! 
This can occur at a campout, at a patrol meeting, training weekends, or anytime after
you completed the requirement.  
Make sure the Scoutmaster, ASMs or your patrol leader can confirm you have met
and performed the requirement to be signed off.  If no one who can sign you off, sees
you perform the requirement or you wait and no one remembers that you performed
the requirement, youll be expected to repeat the requirement again!!!  This will slow
your ability to advance in the troop.
Should I advance ranks or earn merit badges first?
As a new scout to the troop, your primary emphasis should be placed on completing
the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank requirements.  However, any scout
can and is encouraged to earn merit badges at any time.
What are the advantages in attending summer camps?
There are many advantages in attending summer camps ... too many to mention here! 
But one major advantage in attending summer camps is to earn merit badges which
can be used towards advancement.  Summer camps are unique in that they are
designed for scouts to earn merit badges.  Most scouts can typically earn several merit
badges during a summer camp.
How can I earn a merit badge?
To earn a merit badge:
1. First, know which merit badge you want to earn. 
2. See Advancement Chair or the Scoutmaster to obtain a Blue Card and select an adult merit badge
counselor. A list of counselors are available for your review. Please see the scoutmaster or the
Advancement Chair.

3. Contact the adult merit badge counselor.
4. Checkout a merit badge book from the Troop’s librarian or purchase your own copy from the scout store.
5. Read the entire merit badge book.
6. In the front of the merit badge book is a list of Requirements.  Make sure you know the answers to each
requirement and perform the tasks described.
7. When ready, review each requirement with your merit badge counselor.  Have your counselor sign off
on each requirement as you complete them.
8. When all requirements on the blue card have been signed off, turn your blue card into the Scoutmaster
9. Usually at the next Court of Honor, you will be awarded with the merit badge you earned!
How do I know who the adult merit badge counselor is?
By contacting the scoutmaster or advancement chair.  The counselor is assigned when
you sign out the blue card.
What is a blue card?
A blue card is used by the adult merit badge counselor to sign off the merit badge
requirements as you complete them.  Requirements are found in the front of the merit
badge books.  When all requirements have been signed off for a merit badge, the blue
card can be turned in.
How can I get a merit badge book?
Two ways to get a merit badge book are:
1. Purchase the merit badge book from the Boy Scouts store in Camarillo or
2. Check out the merit badge book from the Troops Merit Badge Library.  See Troop Librarian for
I don't understand how Boy Scouts works.  Who can I ask for help?
As a new scout, it can be difficult to understand how Boy Scouts work.  But there are
many resources you can turn to for help, such as:
1. Your patrol leader can answer many of your questions
2. Your assistant patrol leader
3. Troop Instructors and Guides. There are Troop instructors and Guides assigned whose primary task is
train the skills at the troop meetings and on campouts. They also can help you understand how scouting
4. Assistant Scoutmasters: For each patrol, there are two adult Assistant Scoutmasters who can explain
how Boy Scouts work with you.  But feel free to talk to any Assistant Scoutmaster who you may know for
5. The Boy Scout Handbook.  You can read the Boy Scout Handbook concentrating on pages 439-447
which describes the Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class rank requirements.  
6. And, of course, you can go to the Scout Master!
Make sure you know who is your patrol leader, your scribe, and your adult Assistant
Scoutmasters!  If you don't, ask someone!
How many Merit Badges are required for Eagle?

To earn Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, you must earn a total of 22 merit
badges, including the following:
1. First Aid
2. Citizenship in the Community 
3. Citizenship in the Nation 
4. Citizenship in the World 
5. Communications 
6. Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving 
7. Environmental Science 
8. First Aid 
9. Personal Management 
10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling 
11. Camping
12. Family Life
13. Cooking

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